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Messy websites are a big downside of companies who sell things online. The site of Careerperfect is exactly that – messy and crowded with irrelevant information. In addition to the exaggerated amount of content published on their pages, the website loads slowly. We don’t see many people sticking around to wait to figure out a way to see this company’s prices.

Even so, we decided to do what we do best – dig around, and find out more for this careerperfect review. First of all, we should inform you that the careerperfect reviews are not what they look like on the website. The site is full of positive testimonials from very happy customers, while the Web is filled with negative comments about their service.

To find out what the truth is, we decided to do more than just read a couple of careerperfect reviews. We also ordered from them and checked all the information you need to know to make a decision. For more information, read our careerperfect review.

Careerperfect Services Overview

When we first tested the site to see what prices to include in this careerperfect review, we thought that the only thing you can get here is a resume. That’s not the case. Careerperfect offers a variety of services for four different levels: entry level, professional and mid-career, executive, and federal and military levels.

For each of these there is a full page of things you can get with the prices that come with them. The regular delivery is within 4 to 5 working days.

Generally speaking, the service list of careerperfect includes resume writing and editing, cover letters, follow-up letters, biographies, and targeted resumes and cover letter. The last service is a bit confusing, so we asked for clarification for this Career Perfect review. It turned out that it is an extra service where they tailor your resume or cover letter for a specific job position.

Careerperfect Prices overview

Prices differ a lot. It was a bit hard to navigate across the pages since all rates are listed on a single site for a different experience/ skill level. For example, the entry-level services combine different packages, but also allow you to select specific services. You can choose between comprehensive resume and deluxe resume, which is differently priced, but basically the same thing.

To realize what the difference is and write this Career Perfect review, we had to speak to the support several times. The second agent we talked to spoke really bad English, so we didn’t understand the answer to this question.

The pricing of this company is far from cheap. Here are some examples of what their prices look like:

  • Entry-level resume editing at $139.95
  • Deluxe resume at $179.95 and Comprehensive resume at $239.95
  • Entry-Level package for a resume and cover letter at $229.95 and $299.95
  • Cover letter at $79.95

These prices only go upward when you pick higher levels for the careerperfect resumes. For example, a professional level resume costs $199.95/ $259.95 on its own and up to $299.95 for a package. If you order a biography, the price is different if you’ve also ordered a resume and if you haven’t.

Career Perfect Discounts Policy

Obviously, Career perfect attempted to show that they have discounted prices, but this is strangely offered on the website. The lower price for a biography listed with ‘’if you have ordered a resume’’ does not actually give the impression that you’re getting a bargain. If it were that way, it would come in a package.

Still, if you order several things, it gets cheaper than if you order the services individually. The packages also come at lower prices than the services added up.

Quality Level

The pricing is exaggerated for many of the offered services, so naturally, we expected excellent writing. However, the quality was average at best.

For the resume, the formatting looked professional and they did a nice organization. The cover letter was an entirely different thing. It seemed like it was written by a different writer, one who didn’t know as much as the first one. The cover letter looked like a filled-in template and had several grave mistakes in it. It wasn’t even formatted before it was sent out to us.


Career Perfect is far from the excellent company they present themselves to be. Navigating across the pages is really complicated since the website is very messy and crowded with content. The pricing system is confusing on its own, not to mention that there are some services for which we never got an explanation i.e. the deluxe and comprehensive resume. Finally, we wouldn’t recommend this company because their quality is average at best, and far from sufficient for the high prices they charge for their services.

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