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Careersbooster looks and sounds impressive. We don’t say this because of the name, but because of the reputation. One of the key steps in determining whether or not to use a company for a resume is to check their reputation. So, we read every CareersBooster review we could get our hands on, and realized that this is a popular service. It has been such for a long time, which is a brilliant start of our research for this CareersBooster review.

CareersBooster Services overview

Services at customers’ disposal are clearly presented on the pricing page. When you open it, you will realize that this company is literally a boost for your career. They have made a list that includes everything a potential employer may ask of you. Here you can find resumes, cover letters, thank-you and follow-up letters, LinkedIn profile makeovers, CVs, editing services, etc. There are even services like resume distribution and e-cover letter writing.

Two things about this list are our favorites. First, it is the option to choose between several deadlines, one of which is for just 24 hours. This is really rarely find on this market and yet, very helpful when the job position is open for applicants for a short time.

Secondly, it’s the combos that the company offers. They offer these individual services but, since you’ll probably need more than one, you definitely want to pick one of their packages. They have all possible combinations of the aforementioned services, which gives everyone an opportunity to get exactly what they need.

To top it all off, packages come at a reduced price thanks to discounts that go up to 20%!

Careers Booster Prices overview

Speaking of prices, you should know that this service has some of the most realistic prices out there. They aren’t the cheapest based on quality or reputation, but the company definitely deserves its quotes. Not to mention, they are really generous with the package discounts. Here is what their individual services cost:

  • Resume writing from $155
  • Resume editing from $119
  • LinkedIn profile from $95
  • CV writing from $189
  • Thank-you and follow-up letters from $59

In addition to these services, they have additional services that cost extra and are optional. You can order an e-cover letter for $19, resume distribution service for $59, and KSAs service for $59.95.


Right now, the packages have discounts of 15% and 20%. Some customers have mentioned discounts of 25%, but we believe that these were special offers or limited-time only discounts. Even so, discounts aren’t very frequent in this industry, so this is a great plus for Careers Booster.

The discounts are applied to packages only and reduce the price significantly if you order more products at once. So, it’s better not to wait until you get your thank-you and follow-up letters, for example, and order them right away to get 15% off.

Here are some examples of what kind of discounts they have here:

  • Resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile at 20% off from $245
  • CV and cover letter at 15% off from $209
  • Resume, cover letter, thank-you and follow-up letters at 20% off from $215
  • Resume and cover letter at $15 off from $179

To get their best prices, you should choose their longest deadline option of 5 days. Otherwise, the prices go higher than this, but the packages still come with the discounts.

Quality overview has met every expectation we set for them with the package they delivered. It came in 3 days as requested and contained a resume, cover letter, thank-you and follow-up letters. The price for all this was pretty much the same as some companies charge for resumes only, which was excellent.

When you are charged as little, you don’t expect wonders. We did expect a good service based on their reputation, but we received much more. Everything was flawless with impeccable writing, formatting, and great originality.

Careersbooster Support management

There is non-stop support here, which is also rare in this industry, so they get a big plus for that, too. What was better was that their support management is really friendly and fast, despite the big queue that we came across when we reached out to them.

In fact, when you open the website, they’ll probably reach out to you to let you know that they’re available. Use them – they were really friendly and helpful in our case. You can also call them on the phone or write them an email.


We have many tests for companies like this one, and they’ve passed it with flying colors. has great pricing and better discounts, their writers are really good at handling job search products, and the support is fast and helpful. Nowadays, it is hard to find a company that gives you an entire package within 24 hours, but this service offers this privilege. To be more, their list has all you need to apply to any job, so you don’t have to look elsewhere for anything.


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