Craft Resumes Review

With blog posts that date over a year ago now and numerous bad Craft Resumes reviews, we definitely started this review on the negative note. The website has been online for several years now, but they haven’t created a great reputation just yet. In fact, we hadn’t read a single CraftResumes review that was 100% positive, except for the ones that they’ve proudly posted on the website. Naturally, we believe now that those are faked.

Even so, their excellent service list and the good pricing made us tempted to give the company a chance. So, we took a look at their website, ordered a small package, and waited for delivery. Keep reading to learn the details.

CraftResumes Services overview

The service list at Craftresumes is exceedingly good. Except for some rare services like resume distribution, they have everything a person might need to send out a job application. To be more, you can order one of their three packages that come at a slightly discounted price. They don’t have a versatile list of such combination, but their three packages seem to be the most popular choices.

Generally speaking, the things you can get here (individually or in package) include resumes, CVs, cover letters, LinkedIn makeover, thank-you and follow-up letters, and KSAs.

Prices overview

The range of services is more than decent at and honestly, their prices aren’t all bad, either. Individual services come at the following price:

  • Resume writing and CV writing at $139 each
  • Resume editing and CV editing at $79 each
  • Cover letter writing at $59
  • Resume + CV writing at $250
  • Thank-you letter and follow-up letter writing at $49 each
  • LinkedIn makeover and KSA at $59 each

Their individual services are averagely priced, except for the combo of a resume and CV that is a bit high priced. In addition to these, they have their three packages with the following pricing:

  • Career start package (resume + cover letter) at $129.99
  • Career growth package (resume + cover letter + LinkedIn profile) at $299.99
  • Executive package (resume + cover letter + LinkedIn profile + career coaching +CV + thank-you letter) at $439.99

Not everyone is eligible for a package here. These packages have one big limitation to them – they require a certain expertise level. For example, to get their first package, you need to have minimal to no experience whatsoever. For the second, you need a minimum of 2 years of experience. For the last package, you need more than 10 years of experience.


Discounts are only applied to the packages. The career start package has a 34% discount, the career growth package has a 25% discount, and the executive package has a 60% discount. These are excellent offers, but still a bit limited.

The discounts are also applied to orders with tighter deadline. The prices we presented here are applied to their longest deadline of 5 days, while you can order the same things within 3 days, 48 hours, and 24 hours.

We wouldn’t recommend this because the prices grow incredibly fast if you decide to rush them. And of course, there’s the severe matter of the bad reputation of their writers.

Quality overview

Up until this point, we were generally satisfied with the realistic prices and the service list. But at this point, we realized that the company has earned its bad reputation – and maybe even worse. Our package was the career growth package, for which we paid a hefty quote for a shorter deadline.

This resulted in a delay, which means that they can’t handle rushed deadlines. It is devastating considering that we were happy to find one of the rare companies that had such options.

They destroyed our great impression of the service list, too. The resume and cover letter were really bad. The first was definitely template-made because it was generic. They also forgot to edit it, so some things were out of order and the formatting was a hassle. To be more, the cover letter was too vague and general, which means that they might use ready cover letters, too.

Finally, the LinkedIn makeover was nothing spectacular. They’ve edited a couple of things and didn’t make any big changes whatsoever.

Support management

This service has a support management that supposedly answers the phone at all times. But, even though they claim to work 24 hours and every day, no one answered the phone for at least 10 hours. We tried several times without any response. When they finally decided to answer, the representative told us that we shouldn’t call them for revisions unless the 60-days timeframe has passed and we have proof that no one called us for an interview.


This resume company looked promising at first, so we had our hopes that their reputation is misleading. That was until they’ve sent us a package one day later than the agreed. The package contained three things of below average quality, and it cost us more because we picked a short deadline. Overall, this is not a trustworthy service, definitely not worth the quotes they charge.

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