Empire Resume Review

Empire Resume Review

Empire Resume is a company that assists job seekers in completing their job applications. This means that they offer more than just resumes. For the benefit of this Empireresume.com review, we checked the company’s site and their reputation first. The website is well-organized and easy to navigate, but the reputation is far from what you’d think when you check the site.

Unlike the ones on the website, almost every Empire resume review from customers online has something negative in it. For some, it is the price and for others, it is the quality. We also found some that mentioned long waiting times for the package to be delivered.

To explore all this and learn more about the service, we checked everything and ordered from them. You’ll find the details in our Empire Resume review.

Empire Resume Services Overview

There are several services you can get at Empireresume, including resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profile makeovers, and follow-up letters. However, there’s a bit of a catch we discovered when we were ordering for this Empire resume review – you cannot pick these as individual services. They go in packages, so if you want to get more services, you have to pick a bigger package.

For example, to get a thank-you letter you must pay for their highest-priced package that also includes the rest of the services mentioned above. This service is not included in the rest of the packages.

Generally speaking, Empire Resume offers the most requested content pieces of job applications. They lack some services like follow-up letters and do not offer any editing services, but generally speaking, their list is good.

Empireresume Prices Overview

As we mentioned, Empire Resume charges on the basis of packages, not individual services. You can choose between four packages in total. Here are the prices that come with each:

  • Basic package (resume, phone consultation, and interview prep and job search guides) at $199
  • Standard package (resume, phone consultation, cover letter, interview prep and job search guides) at $229
  • Advanced package (resume, cover letter, phone consultation, interview prep and job search guides, and follow-up letter) at $249
  • Expert package (resume, cover letter, phone consultation, LinkedIn profile, interview prep and job search guides, and follow-up letter) at $299

Based on what is offered in these packages, some of the prices are reasonable, and some are definitely not. For example, the first basic package realistically includes only a custom resume. They send the same guides to all customers and even if you order more times there, you’ll get the same one. A price of $199 is definitely a lot for a single resume service.

If you choose to combine the services and order one of the other packages, the prices are reasonable for the services offered.

Discounts Overview

Empire Resume has used a transparent marketing trick to make you believe that their prices are discounted. Since the start, they have the same price list, which is proven by the many testimonials that mention rates. Even though they have crossed some numbers for packages indicating that they come at a reduced price, these are the same rates they’ve always charged – so they aren’t really discounts.

At the moment of writing this review, they have an additional special offer that isn’t there since the beginning. They offer $20 off for the first order you make on the website. According to the site Empireresume.com, you can claim this offer upon check out. To use it, you need to use the code CV20. This discount applies to all packages.

Quality Level

So far, everything was acceptable about the service. They had a nice service list and most of their packages were well priced. We also added that code for the $20 off, so we got a nicer price.

However, this is where the company truly failed us. The package came 7 days later, which is the longest we have waited for a delivery from a resume service. That’s not even the worst part. Everything in our advanced package was of low quality. The consultation is said to be optional, but we never got a chance to use it because they never called or asked us if we want it. The guides were basic and didn’t help at all. But most importantly, the cover letter and resume looked too much like templates and weren’t really custom.


Until the point where you read reviews about the company and receive a package from them, Empireresume.com will make you believe that they handle everything perfectly. We’d urge you to think twice about ordering here because their packages aren’t all that affordable but most importantly, because the quality here is really disappointing. It also takes the company a long time to deliver a package, and they only offer their services in package form, so you can’t get most of them as individual services.

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