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First impressions don’t really account for a lot in this industry, but they still matter. So, when we first looked at this website, we had a good feeling about our Findmyprofession review. The website looks great and has excellent testimonials and samples.

We say that first impressions don’t matter much for precisely this matter – it was all very misleading. When we write a review like we did with this review, we always double check in case the company uses dirty tricks to convince you that they are more popular than they are. It turned out to be this way because Findmyprofession has seriously bad reviews online, nothing like the ones they’ve selected to publish on the website. Services

At first glance, it appears that they have a wide variety of resume services. The list is big, but the range is really small. You can get resumes for any level or experience here, but that is it. There are no individual cover letters, no thank-you letters, no CVs or editing services. There’s not even the modern and popular LinkedIn makeover service most companies offer today. You can only get some of these as part of their really costly packages.

Generally speaking, you can get a resume and career coaching here. The lists are big for these two service types, but we can’t say we aren’t disappointed that most of the job application parts are missing.

And, you should know that career coaching is not exactly what the name says. This is not a coach who teaches you how to behave on interviews or write your job application. It is pretty much resume distribution, which is an entirely different thing. We still don’t understand why they’d call it this when it is actually their only package. In fact, if you get this one, will write a cover letter, do a LinkedIn makeover, write a resume, and spend a month applying for jobs in your behalf.

Judging by their price of this, we don’t see many opting for this incredibly high-priced package.

Prices overview

The package we mentioned under the name career coaching is the most expensive thing we have seen on this market – literally. This package that has nothing to do with its name costs $2000 per month. We don’t see any prospective applicants paying such a high price, not even the ones that have so much to spare. It’s an incredibly large quote.

As for the resume services, they don’t have much better prices, either. Here are some examples that will let you know what it costs to order here:

  • C-level resume packages from $995 to $1295
  • Executive resume packages from $795 to $1095
  • Professional resume writing packages from $595 to $895
  • Entry level resume writing packages from $395 to $695
  • Federal resume packages from $795 to $1095
  • IT/ engineering resume packages from $595 to $895

The lowest prices are at least ten times higher than what most companies charge, and they apply to just a resume, nothing else. The highest prices in their pricing range apply to three things only: a resume, a cover letter, and LinkedIn makeover. It suffices to say that this is the most expensive company we have found so far.


With such incredible prices, it’s highly expected to offer some discounts. But, this company offers nothing of the kind. In fact, their deadline for the packages is 3 to 5 working days, which is not speedy at all, and if you want it faster, you have to pay over $100 extra.

Quality overview

At this point, we expected a magical service, something that would justify those immense prices. But, the quality was only solid, nothing spectacular. There weren’t any special features added to it, nor there were any extra benefits for paying over $300 for a single resume product.

Support management

This is the most expensive company ever, but they have limited working hours. Find my job has a customer service that is available only at those hours and days of the week. When you confront them about the pricing, they are extremely difficult to reach and quite unprofessional. Also, it appears that their 7-day revision guarantee is a forgery, as we requested minor revisions and were denied. Apparently, you have to wait for 2 months and have no interviews at all to be considered for a revision, and there is no hope that you’ll actually get a refund here.

Short Review

People who search for a job do not have the luxury of spending thousands of dollars on a resume and cover letter. In fact, we don’t see many who do have the money to be willing to spend them on a single resume or a small package of resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile. That’s all that is offered here, in addition to their career coaching service that costs whopping $2000! The quality of this company might be good, but that price is definitely not worth paying.

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