Review Review is confusing at first. Is it a resume service or is it a job board? Well apparently, it is both. This website is a place where you can search for available jobs and apply to them, and also a place where you can ask for a resume or cover letter.

It all sounds great at first, but we found some disturbing things when we researched for this review. Firstly, we found that their job board is very limited, so you’re better off looking for job on more popular websites. Second of all, we found that almost every Monster review that they didn’t publish on the website is negative in some way, which means that their reputation is bad. Services overview

Even though this company is two-in-one, a writing service and a job search site, their service list is actually really, really limited. They have only three offers – one resume service and two packages. Their actual products make up a total of three, too. They offer resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn makeover.

You cannot order an individual cover letter or LinkedIn makeover here. They are only part of a package. You can choose the cheapest package and get resume only to be delivered in 5 days.

As there are limited services options, there are also limited deadline options. You cannot choose a deadline on your own. If you pick the first two packages, you will get a deadline of 5 days. If you pick the third, most expensive one, you’ll get it in 2 days.

That’s it – as plain as it goes. Customers are given three options without a chance to tweak or change anything.

Prices overview

This part went fine considering that Monster resume is not a high-priced service. Their resume service costs $129 and is the lowest price you can pay there. This is said to be a package, but you only get one item if you pick it. Even so, it is still an average and realistic price.

The other two packages are as follows:

  • Deluxe package (resume and cover letter) – $169
  • Premier package (resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile) – $349

The last option is also the most expensive one, to be delivered in two days. This is a really steep price considering the features contained in the package, which is why it’s also the most rarely ordered one. The Deluxe package is their most popular option.


Most of the resume companies don’t have discounts, and this is one of them. The pricing list mentions a 10% discount on the second package, but that’s the same price they’ve always charged. This is obvious from testimonials that go back years, so we are certain that it’s a marketing trick.

They don’t have many pricing options and don’t have discounts on anything. This is a disadvantage considering that we have already found some companies that add discounts to their packages. But, seeing how there aren’t individual services here but packages only, this doesn’t come as much of a surprise.

Monster Quality overview

Well, this part was the worst of them all. We were partly happy about the pricing and unhappy because of the service range, but this part of our research made us give this company a bad rating in the end. The quality here is bad. Their rates do not fit the provided quality because the resume and cover letter we received were filled templates that did not look custom at all. They also hadn’t formatted or edited anything, so things were mixed up in the resume, probably because of the program they used to fill the template.

Support management

The results with the package were bad, so we decided to speak to them about their free revision guarantee. They say that you have to be 100% satisfied from the products here or you get a free revision. This is, once again, fake information and a bad marketing scam.

When we asked for the revision they mentioned, it turned out that you don’t get one if you are dissatisfied like they say on the website. You get a revision if after 60 days you don’t get an interview invitation. Of course, we confronted them about the bad formatting and messed up resume information, but they didn’t seem to care.

No one would want to submit something of such low quality and wait for 2 months until they finally get to have a free revision. And based on the ridiculous products they sent the first time, we don’t think that the revisions would have gone better.


The Monster website is partly a place where you can search for jobs and partly a place where you can ask for resumes, cover letters, or LinkedIn makeover. But, both these didn’t go as planned for us. Firstly, the job options here are very limited. Secondly, the quality of the services is poor, to say the least. They have decent prices, but their options are limitless in terms of services, deadlines, not to mention the non-existent discounts.

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