Review is a bit perplexing. Is this a job board or a resume writing service? Well, it appears to be both. This website is a place where you may look for open positions and apply for them, as well as request a resume or cover letter.

It all seems terrific at first, but throughout our study for this review, we discovered some troubling information. To begin with, we discovered that their job board is extremely limited, therefore you’d be better off seeking for work on more prominent websites. Second, we discovered that practically every Monster review that was not published on their website is unfavorable in some way, implying that their reputation is poor. Services Review

Despite the fact that this organization provides a resume writing service and a job search portal in one, their service list is extremely narrow. They only have three services to offer: a resume service and two bundles. There are three of their genuine items in total. Resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn makeovers are all available.

Individualized cover letters and LinkedIn makeovers are not offered. They are merely a component of a larger package. You can opt for the cheapest price and receive a resume in just 5 days.

Due to the limited number of service options, there are also a limited number of deadline possibilities. You are not allowed to specify your own deadline. You will be given a 5-day deadline if you choose the first two options. You can have it in two days if you choose the third and most expensive option.

That’s all there is to it – nothing more, nothing less. Clients are presented with three selections and are not given the opportunity to tweak or adjust anything. Prices Review

Given that Monster resume is not a high-priced service, this step went smoothly. Their resume service costs $129, which is the most affordable option available. This is referred to as a bundle, however you will only receive one item if you choose it. Nonetheless, it is a fair and reasonable price.

The following are the other two packages:

$169 for the Deluxe bundle (resume and cover letter).
$349 for a complete package (resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile).
The final and most expensive option is to have it delivered in two days. Because the price is so exorbitant for the amenities contained in the bundle, it is also the least usually ordered. Their most popular package is the Deluxe.

Discounts are not offered by most resume writing services, and this is one of them. The second package has a 10% reduction listed on the pricing list, but that’s the same amount they’ve always charged. Testimonies stretching back years have shown this, therefore we know it’s a marketing ploy.

They don’t have a lot of pricing options and don’t offer any discounts. This is a disadvantage, as we have already discovered numerous companies that offer discounts as part of their packages. This isn’t surprising, given that there are no individual services available here, only packages.

Overview of Monster Quality

This was by far the worst of them all. We were partially pleased with the pricing and dissatisfied with the service offerings, but this aspect of our investigation ultimately led us to give this organization a poor grade. Here, the quality is poor. Their prices do not correspond to the quality of service supplied because the resume and cover letter we received were filled-in templates that did not appear to be customized in any way. They hadn’t formatted or changed anything, thus the resume was jumbled up, most likely due to the tool they used to fill out the template.

Management assistance
Because the package’s outcomes were poor, we decided to inquire about their free revision promise. They claim that you must be completely happy with the products here in order to receive a free revision. Once again, this is false information and a poor marketing ruse.

When we inquired about the revision they suggested, we discovered that, contrary to what the website claims, you do not receive one if you are displeased. If you do not receive an interview invitation after 60 days, you are eligible for a revision. We addressed them about the poor formatting and incorrect resume information, but they seemed unconcerned.

No one wants to submit something of such poor quality and then have to wait for two months for a free revision. We don’t think the adjustments would have gone much better based on the ludicrous products they sent the first time.

 Short Monster Review:

The Monster website is divided into two sections: job search and resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn makeover requests. However, nothing of these went as anticipated for us. To begin with, the career opportunities here are extremely restricted. Second, the service quality is, to put it mildly, deplorable. They have reasonable costs, but their alternatives are virtually endless in terms of services, deadlines, and discounts.

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