Novoresume Review

Job seekers today have two options in terms of getting their resume ready. One is to hire a company or a writer to do it from scratch and create an original resume. The other is to download or pay for a resume template on a builder website and get the information filled automatically. Well, Novoresume offers you the latter. This is not a resume writing website, but an automated resume builder.

The start of our research for this Novoresume review took off great. We read some good quality articles on their blog and learned that they have a free pricing plan that allows you to see what the builder offers. However, after reading numerous bad Novoresume reviews, we started having our doubts about this website. By the end of our review, we realize that this website looks much better than it actually is. Keep reading to find out more.

Novoresume Services Overview 

Unlike most resume builders, this company offers more than one ‘service’. It’s not really a service since there aren’t people performing one, but regardless – they have three options for you. These options are:

  • Resume builder
  • Cover letter builder
  • CV builder

All these services can be used in the same way. You pick one of the templates for resumes, cover letters, or CVs. Keep in mind that when it comes to templates, this company is seriously limited. They have eight of each, which gives you very little room to pick and choose.

When you pick a template, you need to provide your details such as skills, qualifications, name and contact information to be added to the document. Then, the builder automatically adds these to the format you chose.

Basically, builders function as formatting tools. You’ll be doing the rest of the job and, in the end, all you get from Novo Resume will be your data formatted as in their template. We definitely don’t recommend using the cover letters since when we checked for plagiarism in ours, it immediately took us to the website of the company. It’s never good when a job applicant uses templates instead of spending some time to tailor the application for the job. Prices overview 

At first, we were very happy to learn that there’s a free plan to use. But, this plan is extremely limited. You get access to the already limited 8 resumes, but that is it. You can create a resume of a single page, which is very hard to do if you have more skills, experience, or education to showcase. There’s also an option for a single resume per person, and you still have to sign up to even use this option.

The paid plan is expensive considering that it doesn’t include much. You can also create a CV and a cover letter in this case. Your resume can be up to 3 pages long, so this is not the ideal builder for people with loads of qualifications.

If you pay for a monthly subscription, it will cost you $15. For 3 months, the price is $29.99. And for a year, the price is $89.99. Unfortunately, for this price, you don’t get much more than with the free plan. There aren’t more templates for you to use, which is really disappointing. For such rates, they definitely could have created at least a dozen more choices for users. The additional features with this plan include:

  • 9 extra fonts
  • Some video tutorials
  • Icons for causes and interests
  • Specialized sections
  • 20 additional colour themes
  • Creative rating styles and backgrounds
  • Custom layout

Discounts Overview

There aren’t codes or special offers here, but we should definitely mention the subscription prices. As you noticed by the numbers, there are discounts if you pay for a 3-month or a yearly subscription.

Even so, if you have to use a resume company for an entire year, doesn’t it make it a bad company? Job seekers look to land a job faster and that’s why they’d pay to get some resume help, so this offer is pretty much contradictory.

Quality level 

There are no surprises with this company because you can see the templates when you’re asked to choose them. Just imagine how your data would look like in the defined fields, and that’s what you get.

The templates there are not bad, but they are far too limited. We didn’t like any of them, but we picked one just to see what it would look like. Even though we paid for the plan, the extra features offered do not make much of a difference and aren’t anything special.

Conclusion is yet another automated builder that takes all your data and adds it to a template. They charge a high price considering that you can only choose between 8 resumes, 8 cover letters, and 8 CVs. Their options are fine, but nothing special. More importantly, this is not a resume creation website. It’s simply a tool you can use to format your resume.

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