Purple CV UK Review

Purple CV UK Review

Purplecv is an online CV and resume writing service. They offer many guarantees and promise to deliver top quality CVs and resumes for those in need. They primarily serve high school, college and university students and graduates and anyone else looking for a job. The main website of Purplecv looks somewhat professional, but there is very little valuable information available.

We also noticed many grammatical errors on the website. This really makes us wonder what sort of quality resumes they can offer to customers. We know from experience that the quality of the text available on a website always reflects the quality of the work provided. Purplecv seems to hire poor writers for the creation of the text on their website.

Purple CV Services overview

For this purplecv review we have thoroughly tested their website. We found the tab with CV services, and there we could find several packages that customers can choose from. Some of their packages include: early career CV writing, Advanced career CV package, Specialist CV, NextStep CV package. Each package contains different services such as cover letter, LinkedIN profile writing, and different turnaround times. In this purplecv review we can also inform you that they do not offer resume re-building (or rewriting), proofreading and editing services.

We believe you need to pay for these services separately. You also cannot get help if you need to rewrite an old resume and make it better. In this purplecv review we can conclude that their services list is extremely poor and not well categorized.

PurpleCV UK Prices overview

Purple CV charges relatively affordable prices. However, they do not include any editing or proofreading within the cost. This means you have to pay separately for the editing of your CV. An early career CV costs $25, while a specialist CV costs $175. On the purple CV site we also found some ambiguous services. The say they offer package deals, and these are quite expensive. For example, on the Specialist package deal you have to pay $195, we just cannot understand what exactly you are paying this money for. In our opinion, Purple CV charges seemingly good prices but these costs contain very poor services.

Discounts overview

In order to write an honest and unbiased Purple cv review, we have checked their site for discounts and special deals. All major CV writing services providers offer some great savings deals to customers. This way, they will attract more students to buy their services and in turn they will redirect other people to the respective company. Unfortunately, in this purple cv review we can inform you that they do not offer any great discounts. They don’t have a first order discount, and they do not offer any scale based discounts.

We also wanted to see there many free services offered with each order. These would include free initial consultation, free inbox delivery or other such services meant to help you save money. With this company, you will not make any important savings.

Quality Level

We placed an order at purplecv.co.uk to see the quality provided. We ordered the advanced career package. They promised to include a stylish and advanced career CV, a cover letter and a LinkedIN profile. Firstly, they missed our deadline by one day which is not good. Then, the cover letter was filled with grammatical errors and we also found some plagiarism. We believe a cover letter should accompany a CV is the most natural manner, and it should be very well written.

The CV they sent us was not properly edited, and it only contained the details we gave them. They did not include any extra information or any creative phrases within the CV to make it more appealing. They just took a template and filled it out with the details we gave them. We were completely disappointed by their services.


We hope this purplecv.co.uk review will help you make a wise choice. Or team of professional reviewers spent several days on reviewing this company, because we wanted to give you as many details as possible. We absolutely do not recommend their services. If you want to lend a good job, you should not hand in a cover letter or a CV written by this service. They will simply use your details and throw them on a template and that’s it.

We believe there is absolutely no difference in quality between the different packages they offer. All CVs look the same and all cover letters seem copied. Their writers do not have higher academic backgrounds, and their customer service is inexistent. The service has an instant chat option, but you will not be able to get the information you need through chat. Take your time to research well the market and find a reliable CV writing company that will provide you with good quality papers at a price you can afford.

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