Resume Genius Review


Company Overview

Resume Genius is an online help agency that aims to provide resumes and cover letters for those who are looking for employment.

It’s different from other writing sites. It opens up to a minimalistic website that can be confusing for some users.

As you step onto the front page, not much is presented, so you’re left to figure it out by yourself.

Resumegenius mainly templates, so it encourages you to click the button on the first page and create your CV before even knowing what’s going on.

Also, the site claims to be approved by significant corporations such as Adidas, Verizon, The North Face, and Mercedes Benz.

In this Resume Genius review, we’ll investigate the site and consult some feedback about it to understand if this service is reliable or not.

Resume Genius Services

As mentioned in the overview, the site is a bit unusual in its structure.

The services are indicated as “Resources”:

  • Resume Examples;
  • Resume Templates;
  • Resume Writing;
  • Resume Format;
  • Writing A Cover Letter;
  • Cover Letter Examples;
  • Cover Letter Templates.

Resume Genius is mainly known for the step-by-step resume guide. The site offers a variety of templates, but if you decide to create your CV, you have to start from scratch every time.

Moreover, even if the resumes are modern and trendy, they include color blocks and dark colors. According to some experts, a CV should be clean and aesthetic but not too colorful.

We decided to look for feedback online to see what the users say. After some browsing, we found more than one Resume Genius review that complains about some templates. A few of those models contain graphic elements such as icons that can’t be seen by Applicant Tracking Software.

This is a significant issue because you want your resume to work on all software to ensure that your recruiter reads your CV.

ResumeGenius Prices

Resumegenius advertises that the templates are all free to download in different formats. Nevertheless, the site doesn’t specify subscription fees or trial periods until you already completed your resume.

You can build your CV for free, but when you download it, Resume Genius charges you $1.95.

If you choose to subscribe for 30 days at a time, you are charged $39.99 per month.

On the other hand, if you subscribe for a year, you pay $95.40.

This service is far more expensive than other similar and more trustworthy services like Indeed, Zety, and ResumeBuild.

In fact, more than one Resumegenius review claimed that they offer a terrible deal for the services they offer. After all, you could do the CV by yourself, just getting inspired by the examples the site provides.

Furthermore, if you’re looking to create a resume, you might be unemployed. So, you can’t afford to pay $40 a month or nearly $100 a year for services that you could do without.


According to the agency, the best deal is the $95.40 per year, and it’s supposedly already discounted.

The trial period is 14-days long, and if you forget to cancel it once it expires, the website charges you $39.99 per month.

We read a Resumegenius review that complained about the trial period. The client said that the site didn’t allow them to cancel the subscription. However, we found frequent reviews that confirm this issue.

We think that it may be a marketing strategy from the website’s part. They may try to force you into committing to the service, even if you don’t want to.

So, Resume Genius doesn’t offer discounts. Instead, they want you to pay more.


To test the services of Resume Genius, we decided to try the site ourselves.

So, we followed the “Build My Resume Now” procedure.

We first picked a template. Then, we inserted all the information they asked for, to the slightest details.

When we finished, the site revealed that we needed to pay, despite the initial claims of “free template download.”

We selected the 14-day trial period. Then, when we tried to remove the subscription, the site didn’t allow us.

We contacted the customer service via chat and email: no one answered.

Finally, we called, and someone helped us, and they canceled the subscription.

So, as far as customer help goes, we expected a bit more from a company that charges $39.99 per month for some ready-made templates.


Their templates might be professional and trendy, but their prices are incredibly high compared to other agencies. Also, customer help is unacceptable.

You could easily find better alternatives to create your CV without spending a lot of funds each month:

  • Use the ready-made templates of Microsoft Word.
  • Freestyle with Microsoft Word 365. If you play with the fonts, layout options, and colors, you may have a similar result that’s original and custom-made for you.
  • You can use other free templates from other sites like Indeed and Zety.

So, we advise you to look for other ways to build your resume and to avoid Rating





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