Resume That Works Review is a company that specializes in the creation of resumes, CVs, and other job-search-related materials. To evaluate how popular this service is, we combed the Internet for every Resume that Works review we could find. Despite its unusual name, practically every Resume that Works review we read revealed one of two things, or both: that this firm provides unfair customer service and that their resumes do not perform as well as they claim.

This prompted us to investigate further and publish our own, unbiased review. Continue reading if you want to discover more.

Resume That Works Services Review

It’s difficult to know exactly what you can get at Resume that works. They do sell resumes, but they also include a lot of material about other things on their website. A customer would take an eternity to get through this. Even after that, we weren’t sure what you could buy – at least not until we looked at the options on the order form.

You have a choice of five services or bundles on the order form:

Letter of introduction
LinkedIn profile + resume + cover letter
Cover letter + resume + LinkedIn profile
Editing and revising your resume

There are six different levels to choose from: entry, professional, career change, executive, military, and federal. Their service turnaround times range from 24 hours to 10 days. Unlike other organizations, Resume that Works lets you choose your own deadline for packages and resumes (which might range from 3 to 7 days depending on the company).

So far, this review has gotten some marks for service scope and deadline options, but they may expand the list to include some more requested items like as thank-you letters and follow-up letters.

ResumeThatWorks Prices Review

On the site, you can only see how much a resume or other product will cost you once you fill out the order form and select what you require. The starting pricing are frequently mentioned on their pages, but there is little detailed information. It’s a jumbled website in in need of some attention.

Let’s look at some of the costs. Depending on the level, a resume with the longest deadline costs between $46 and $61. We looked at something more in-demand because ten days is a very long deadline for most people and not an option with many services.

Even for the entry level, ordering a resume here within three days, which isn’t even an urgent deadline, costs more than $100. To acquire a CV by this deadline, you’d have to pay between $118.75 and $154.38. In comparison to other companies, appears to be somewhat expensive.

Packages are substantially more expensive. Be prepared to pay more than $300 for 3-day delivery if you want a résumé, cover letter, and LinkedIn makeover. If you’re in a rush and need it done in a day or two, the cost might rise to $500. For job hunters, this is far too much.

Overview of Discounts

There are no discounts that we are aware of. We looked over the full website of this firm and found no indication of any discounts. Their bundles essentially mix the pricing of all separate products with little discounts.

Level of Excellence

This organization does not deliver the quality you would anticipate for such a high-priced resume service. Their work was poor at best, and it did not appear professional.

Let’s begin with your résumé. To collect the information, we emailed them an old one. They took the material, copied it word for word in a different format, and sent it to us instead of writing it from scratch (we didn’t choose the rewrite option, after all). Because there were some flaws with the arrangement and fonts, they most likely utilized a format. No one seemed to give the resume a second thought.

The cover letter came next. Cover letters are intended to be tailored to the job and one-of-a-kind, especially when you pay a premium for them. Ours was simple and generic, and we even identified large portions of it on another website, indicating that they stole a portion of our purchase.

Last but not least, the LinkedIn update was unimpressive. They rearranged some items and accentuated others, but they didn’t add anything new to our résumé.

Short ResumeThatWorks Review

The service isn’t really a firm that guarantees you’ll obtain interview invitations or land a job if you use it. This is in direct opposition to the meaning of their name. The company is expensive and does not offer any discounts. Despite the fact that it provides flexibility in terms of deadlines and goods, the quality is insufficient to make it a service we can recommend.