Resume That Works Review

Resume That Works Review is a company that writes resumes, CVs, and other job search–related products. We scoured the Internet for every Resume that works review we could find to determine how popular this service is. Even though it has a pretty unique name, almost every Resume that works review we found indicated one of two things or both: that this company has an unfair support and that their resumes don’t really work as well as promised.

This convinced us to dig deeper and write our own, realistic review. If you want to learn more, keep reading.

Services Overview

It is very hard to determine what exactly you can buy at Resume that works. They sell resumes, that is for sure, but they have numerous pages with information about other products. It would take forever for a customer to go through this. Even after we did, we still didn’t know what exactly you can buy here – not until we checked the choices in the order form.

The order form gives you a choice of five services or packages:

  • Resume
  • Cover letter
  • Resume + cover letter
  • LinkedIn profile
  • Resume + cover letter + LinkedIn profile
  • Resume editing/ rewriting

You can choose between six levels: entry, professional, career change, executive, military, and federal. Their service deadlines range between 24 hours and 10 days. Unlike other companies that have their own set deadline for packages and resumes (this often ranges between 3 to 7 days depending on the company), Resume that works allows you to pick your own deadline.

So far, this review got some points based on service scope and deadline options, though they could broaden the list and include some other requested products like thank-you letters and follow-up letters.

Prices Overview

You can only see what a resume or other product will cost you on the site if you check the order form and select what you need. Their pages often mention the starting prices, but nothing detailed. It’s a much disorganized website that definitely needs some improvements.

Let’s take a look at some prices. A resume with the longest deadline costs between $46 and $61 depending on the level. Since ten days is a very long deadline for most and not an option with many services, we looked at something more in-demand.

If you were to order a resume here within 3 days, which is not even such an urgent deadline, the price goes over $100 for even the entry level. This type of deadline would cost you between $118.75 and $154.38 just to get a resume. It seems like is a high-priced company compared to others.

Packages cost much more. If you order a resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn makeover, be ready to pay even more than $300 for 3-day delivery. If you’re really in a hurry and want it done in a day or two, the price can go to $500. This is definitely too much for job seekers.

Discounts Overview

There aren’t discounts, not that we know of. We checked the entire website of this service and there’s no mention anywhere of any kinds of discounts. Their packages pretty much combine the prices for all individual products with minimal reductions.

Quality Level

For such a high-priced resume service, this company doesn’t provide the quality you’d expect. Their work was sloppy at best and did not look professional at all.

Let’s start with the resume. We sent them an old one to get the information from. Instead of writing it from scratch (we didn’t choose the rewrite option, after all), they just took that information, copied it word for word in a new format, and sent it to us. They probably used a format since there were some issues with the organization and fonts. It was obvious that no one gave the resume a second look.

Next was the cover letter. Cover letters are supposed to fit the job in question and be unique, especially when you pay a fortune for them. Ours was plain and general, and we even found big parts of it online on a different website, which means that they plagiarized part of our order.

Lastly, the LinkedIn makeover was nothing impressive. They moved some things around, emphasized some things, but did not add anything new from our resume.


The service that calls itself is not really a company that guarantees you’ll get interview invitations or land a job with their help. This countermands the purpose of their name. The company is highly priced and has no discounts. Even though it gives flexibility in terms of choosing deadlines or products, their quality is far from sufficient to make for a service that we can recommend.

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