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Do you know how hard it is to find a new job? You need to design a resume, write an eye-catching cover letter, set up a LinkedIn profile, and make sure that everything about you online looks good. 

Most employees stuck with the first step since resume design is not similar to classic resume writing, some of us were taught at school. Luckily, there are resume writing services like, and today we will tell you the whole truth about them. 

The Resume Writing Services is a reputable company that is aimed to help job seekers with all writing they might need while searching for a new position. They are not new on the market, yet we could not find the year of founding. Their website looks professional, but we would still like to see what is hidden behind the wrapper with our Resume Writing Services Review.

Service Overview

Job search is not just resume writing. It is a time-consuming process, and most employees finding it hard to get in front of HR professionals. Even with years of experience behind, most job seekers find themselves in trouble with no job and no progress. Let’s see if ResumeWritingServices professionals can supply you with all you need for winning a new position: 

  • Beginner level resume for the fresh starters
  • Resume editing to make sure it highlights soft and hard skills right. 
  • CV Writing for the ones who decided to devote themselves to science. 
  • Cover letter writing to catch the attention of HR pros. 
  • IT resume writing for tech professionals. 
  • LinkedIn profile writing to highlight your online presence. 

As we see, this team offers almost everything you might need when you search for a new job. Yet, there is no keyword optimization service to bypass HR software. 

Prices Overview 

Every job seeker has a tight budget. He cannot pay a lot for resume services. That is why a fair price for the service plays a lot when choosing a writing company. At Resume Writing Services, you can order either a separate service or a package that includes all you need for your job search. 

Entry-level resume and CV editing will cost you $49 and $69 accordingly. But if you need to write these papers from scratch, you will need to pay $99 and $109 for an entry-level paper. Yet, if you have the experience, be ready to pay much more. Comparing with other companies, this company is quite expensive. 

Let us see if they have discounts in our next section of the Resume Writing Services Review. Discounts

 A discount is a smart way to reduce the price. Yet, most career-building services do not offer any discount. They are creating service packages that cost less than ordering a service separately. The Resume Writing Services team is offering packages as well. So, we decided to do a small calculation and tell you that ordering a package can reduce the price by 10-20%, depending on the type of service, professional level, and a number of items included. 

Also, this company does not have any loyalty program or something similar. If you decide to order here again, you will need to pay a full price. 

Quality Level and Guarantees 

Our Resume Writing Services Review will not be full without a quality level overview. So, our team decided to order a package here. We wanted to get a professional level resume with a cover letter. Our job seeker Jhon Doe was a construction engineer looking for a job in a big city and planning to move with his family. 

The team guarantees professional resume writing. So, we wanted to check this out. 

Our resume, along with a cover letter, was delivered in several days after we submitted an order. It was not a keyword optimized and had no eye-catching design. Such a resume won’t go through human resources professionals’ software. Moreover, it contained some rough grammar errors. 


In our Resume Writing Services Review, we covered all the aspects you should know about this team. However, we cannot recommend this company to a job seeker of all levels. The company has a broad service offering and provides packages to cover all potential customers’ needs. 

Comparing with other teams, they are expensive and do not provide real discounts. Resumes they are crafting are not keyword optimized and containing rough grammar errors.  You cannot get an eye-catching design of your resume or cv from them. The company doesn’t guarantee hiring in a certain period of time, yet, most companies we reviewed do. 

If you are looking for a professional resume writing help, try to find another team. Rating


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