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Resumeedge promises that if you use their resume writing service, you will be recruited. This sounds a little excessive in light of how the company writes resumes and other related items, which can only increase the chances of employment. Despite this, they chose to write in large letters directly on the homepage: “You are hired”.

What’s more bizarre is that this company’s reputation is far from perfect, which means they can’t really promise those things. Indeed, we read a few reviews from individuals who said that despite their attempts to get their resume/cover letter updated, the company did little to correct a flawed product.

To get the truth out there for everyone to see, we made our order and some further research. If you want to learn the results, read this resumeedge review.

ResumeEdge Services Overview

It was challenging to ascertain precisely what Resume Edge provides. To write this resumeedge review, we combed the entire website and discovered this detail only in the order form. Make no attempt to read the website’s content, since it contains no pertinent details about their prices or services.

In terms of services, Resume Edge offers resume writing and editing, cover letter writing, LinkedIn profile editing, KSA responses, professional biography, and follow-up/ thank you letters.

You can purchase these individually by marking them in the order form. Alternatively, you can choose a package. There aren’t many package options available. In the order form of Resumeedge, you’ll find the following:

  • All-inclusive job application package: resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile editing, follow up and thank you letter + high priority status.
  • Pro Job application package: resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile editing.

If you go for the individual services, you can also select two extras offered at an additional price:

  • Top writer – your order will be assigned to the most qualified writers
  • High priority status – you’ll be the first in the queue

Many companies offer rushed deliveries, but we aren’t certain what the high priority status extra means here. Nowhere on the website is it described when you’ll receive your products if you pay for this feature. We even contacted them for this resumeedge review and didn’t get a specific response. They just told us that they’d speed things up, so you never know how much it will take. What’s the point of paying extra, then?

Resume Edge Prices overview

To see the prices, you need to once again go to the order form. Here you can select all that you need and see the final quote in the calculator. Let us give you some examples of what it costs to get products here.

At Resumeedge, an entry level resume costs $97.90. If you rush it, it costs $117.48. To test this part, we opted to select this option. Even though we paid for this option, we still received the order in 3 days, which is their regular deadline.

The price for resume writing goes up to $154.86 without any extras. An advanced package will cost you between $166.31 and $214 depending on your skill level and experience. The exclusive package costs between $275.88 and $363.66.

The individual prices are not very affordable. They go a bit over the average when compared to similar companies, except if you get the packages. Resumeedge has averagely priced packages.

ResumeEdge Discounts Overview

In the order form, you’ll be given a chance to enter a discount code, which we found nowhere on the website or in testimonials. It’s safe to say that such coupons and codes do not exist online, at least not at this moment.

Quality Level

The price of is average and reasonable for good quality of work. However, they do not deliver on any of their big promises. This is not a service that surprised us with their quality. In fact, we don’t see their resume being picked out of the crowd or their cover letter impressing anyone.

When we ordered here, we sent them an old resume to be fixed and paid for a cover letter, resume, LinkedIn makeover, and a rush service. Their regular service takes 3 days, so imagine our frustration when they still took as long to deliver our package.

That wasn’t the worst thing. The resume was slightly changed into he format, but nothing else. There was no rearranging, no emphasis, not even editing of some intentional mistakes we left out. The cover letter was too general and looked too much like a template. Our LinkedIn profile was barely touched.


After a very negative experience with, we came to the conclusion that this is not a reasonable or reliable service. They offer everything a person needs to apply for a job, but their products are of low quality.

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