ResumeGenius Review

Before we get into the specifics of this Resumegenius review, it’s important to note that this is not a resume writing service.. You won’t be finding resumes and cover letters written by experts here. Resume genius is an artificial intelligence application, a technology that allows you to create a resume based on a template provided on the web.

So, can this resume builder help you create a great resume? There seems to be quite a lot of buzz about their website, but is it as good as everybody says? If you want to find out, delve deep into this review below.

ResumeGenius Services Review 

This ResumeGenius.Com website is an online resume generator or resume building tool. This program uses your knowledge to provide a ready-made resume for you. It has no human input whatsoever.

To get your resume done by ResumeGenius, you have to provide details such as your name, contact information, skills, work and educational experience. When you enter this information, the builder will automatically organize it on the template you chose.

In other words, this website does not write the resume for you. It doesn’t choose what information goes where and what belongs in the resume. It won’t highlight the things that are most important unless you tell it to. Basically, a resume builder works on the formatting on your resume, but you have to do the rest.

Well, here is the thing that concerns us the most about this company. It goes beyond providing them with your card details and the testimonials that say it is hard to cancel the subscription. According to the company’s Terms and Conditions, this company owns all the resumes that you make – or even upload. Check the section 6 and you’ll be as devastated as we are.

It simply means that whether you give them a resume or complete your resume on their website, they can use the personal details in the resume for marketing purposes or even re-sell it to others.

ResumeGenius Prices overview 

Well, this is the part where we lost all interest in this resume builder. This is seemingly a cheap tool, much more affordable than any resume service you’ll use. A 14-day trial should allow you to check how it works and it only costs $1.95.

So, why were we disappointed?

Well, after you go through the hassle of choosing your favourite template and filling out all the information, you will be prevented from downloading the resume even though you’ve paid the price. will ask you to create an account and enter your credit card numbers, which is pretty tricky. Even though their trial is low-cost, they have quite the big ‘gotcha’ embedded in the fine print.

When the two weeks are over, the price of this builder becomes extremely high for such a service – $39.95 per month. You can cancel this and prevent the automatic renewal, but there are many testimonials for people who couldn’t achieve this for months after they sent their first request. For this website, there is a chance of losing money on a monthly basis.

The alternative is to pay in full for a yearly subscription, which comes down to $7.95 per month. This sounded really tricky from the very beginning because, after all, people need a few resumes tailored for specific jobs and that is it. If a user of the website needs to renew the memberships for an entire year, the site doesn’t really work well, does it? If it works, it should help people land a job much faster than in one year!

Discounts Overview 

There aren’t discounts here, not literally. If you consider the yearly subscription offer, the price is much more affordable than paying every month. However, we don’t see many people opting for this plan seeing how the service is supposed to land them a job faster. Once you get a job, why would you need to pay for this builder?

Resumegenius Quality level 

When it comes to quality, you get what you see on the website. You’ll be able to see the templates they offer right away before you subscribe, which is good. The bad thing is that they come in a very limited number. There are around 20 options in total and for that price, this is simply too little.

Once you see the templates, you can imagine the outcome just by looking at the organization and format. Just imagine your information in the template with the same formatting. After all, this site only helps with formatting, even though they claim to offer ‘resume help’.

Summary on Review is not a resume creator, but an automated resume builder. It’s a costly and risky investment since you might not be able to cancel your subscription when you want. Not to mention, they took the liberty to create Terms and Conditions that make your resume information theirs to use. This is a really plain service, if you could call it a service, that’s basically template formatting for your existing personal information.

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