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The first thing we noticed when researching for this Resume Go review was that the website is a mess. The design might seem fine, but if you spend a couple minutes on it, you’ll realize that it lacks the most important information. There is no pricing page and you cannot see what their services are. Basically, the pages listed on the site tell you nothing useful in terms of what you can get here.

They use these pages to speak about their writers, the order process, share some sample resumes, and some blog posts. You’ll probably agree that when a person goes online to buy a resume or other job search-related products, they aren’t really looking for this. To help you out right from the start of this ResumeGo review, we recommend that you go directly to the order form. The first step includes the service list and prices you can get there.

Now let’s proceed to the information we found when researching for this ResumeGo review.

ResumeGO Services Overview 

Before we explain what is included in the packages offered at Resume Go, we should tell you that you cannot order individual services here. There are three packages offered, plus you’ll get the chance to add a resume, cover letter and thank-you letter to your package.

There’s really no sense in adding a cover letter in the executive package since it includes this, as well as a thank-you letter. As for resume, all packages include one, so you’d be basically ordering an extra resume in addition to the one included in your order.

Before we go to the prices part of this ResumeGo review, let’s see what the three packages here include:

  • Premium – resume only
  • Professional – resume and LinkedIn profile
  • Executive – resume, LinkedIn profile, cover letter, and thank-you letter

The executive package is designed for C-suite executives with over 25 years of experience only. If you don’t fall into this category, you’ll have to pick a cover letter and thank-you letter as extras in case you need them.

The things we found most peculiar about the site of Resume Go is that they list their LinkedIn profile as free in the professional and executive package. This is strange since a person with less than 25 years experience can choose between premium and professional, and the latter is much more expensive than the first. If the LinkedIn service is free, why is this package higher priced?

Resume Go Prices overview 

Speaking of prices, this is pretty straightforward when you open the order form. The premium package costs $199, the professional costs $249, and the executive costs $399. These prices are far from ideal, especially when you consider that the premium package includes solely a resume as an actual product and costs $199. If you add some of the extras, the price gets higher.

ResumeGo charges $80 for an extra resume, $40 for a cover letter, and $40 for a thank-you letter. You can add these to any package, though it makes no sense adding it to the executive since it already has them.

Discounts Overview 

Expect no discounts when you go on the ResumeGo website. They have mentioned no special rates for returning customers, and they don’t reduce the quotes on their packages. Judged by the testimonials we read so far, they’ve had these same rates since the very beginning.

It is not common for resume companies to offer discounts, though some do this for their returning customers.

Quality level 

This is the part where everything goes downhill. If you take some time to read the how to order page, you’ll learn one very important thing – that they take 24 hours to assign a person to your order. In our case, we didn’t even receive an order confirmation for a day and a half, even though they already charged us for it.

They don’t say how long it takes to get your order, so it can take as much as they need and you cannot really complain about this. In our case, it took them 8 days to deliver the second package from their list of offers. This is too long for these types of services.

Even if we were able to go pass this, the quality made it clear why ResumeGo is so unpopular. It’s a high-priced company with low quality. They obviously use templates to do most of their orders, because the quality we got was below average.


Starting from the website and ending with the disappointing delivered quality, ResumeGo is not a service we’d ever recommend. This company has a confusing website, packages that are filled with so-called services (formatted scientifically and data-driven are not services, they are expected from such companies), and high prices. Even if you don’t mind waiting for days for delivery, the company doesn’t write resumes and cover letters well.

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