Resumention Review

Resumention is an online-only resume writing service. They have a variety of resume formats and work with high school, college, and university graduates. Additionally, they provide resources to those looking for work and in need of a strong resume. The Resumention website contains a wealth of detail.

Resumention pages load slowly, so you need to have some patience until you get the info that you need. The outline of the site is simplistic and they do not have any main menu. This means you just need to scroll down the page to find the needed information.

Resumention Services Review

In order to write an honest, unbiased and detailed resumention review, we had to thoroughly test all aspects about this company. We can tell you that they offer the following services:

  • Professional level resumes
  • Entry level resume writing
  • Federal resumes
  • Military grade resumes
  • Executive level resumes

In this resumention review we can also disclose that they do not offer any additional services. We wanted to see there services such as proofreading, editing resumes, rewriting old resumes, and so on. We consider these services are highly important, because not everybody needs a resume from scratch. Many people require only a rebuilding of their resumes to make them more attractive to the HR officer.

As we scrolled down the page, in this resumention review we can also inform you about some other services they offer. These include Resume design, LinkedIN Bio and separate cover letter writing.

Resumention Prices overview

Resumention service charges some overly expensive prices. In our opinion, their prices are not tailored to suit the available budget of a fresh graduate or someone looking for a job. We believe they should have a few of the prices lower, so that anyone can afford to buy their services. For example, for a resume design service you need to pay $159. This means that they will only design your resume to make it more appealing. For a one-page resume design you will pay a lot of money. They will not write your resume, only design it. Then, for a LinkedIN Bio section you need to take out of pocket around $70, while for cover letter writing $40 per page.

Discounts overview does not display any type of discounts online. They do not offer a first order discount of 10% or 15%. Typically, all reliable services will offer a first order discount to encourage customers to place their first order. Then, they do not have a scale based discount, or any seasonal deals and bonuses.

We consider discounts make up an extremely important part of an online service provider. Discounts help customers save important money on each order, but this service does not offer any valuable discounts. They only offer a Money Back Guarantee, but we are not sure you can actually get your money back if you are not satisfied with the quality of the resume.

Quality level

We placed an order with We wanted to see the quality provided and we can tell you that we are not satisfied. The resume contained mainly the information we have them. They took a nice template and then introduced the details there. Some of the extra information available in our resume was clearly copied from somewhere else. We asked for a Manager position resume, but the extra information described a teacher position details.

When we contacted them, they told us we can place another order if we do not like the resume. We mentioned about the errors and they said we can separately pay for editing and then they will correct the mistakes. We truly do not agree with this type of company ethics and approach. We were overall disappointed by the quality level provided.


This review will help you to make a well informed decision when hiring. We believe you should stay away from this company, because they do not offer the best quality solutions. Even though their resumes look good and they have plenty of information on the site, there is nothing else you should pay money for.

They do not have a reliable and responsible customer service. If you need to talk to someone you should send them an email and wait several days for an answer. There are many top reliable resume writing services out there. Keep researching and you will find a good service that offers quality resumes for a price that you can afford.


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