Resumes Planet Review

ResumesPlanet leaves quite an impression from the very beginning. We opened the website and read each Resume Planet review written there and were very impressed with the quality of the samples there. The website is simple in design, really easy to navigate, and it has all the information we needed to create this Resumesplanet review.

Resumesplanet has rating 4 out of 5 on SiteJabber and 5 on Trustpilot, that shows that most of the customers are satisfied with their orders and the quality is high. Website says that this is the best choice for job seekers on a budget. So lets see if this true in our review.

ResumesPlanet Services

When you’re searching for a job, every potential employer has their own set of requirements. Some demand only a resume that highlights your qualifications, while others ask for cover letters, link to your LinkedIn profile, etc. Not to mention, you’ll probably need a thank-you and follow-up letter even after sending your application.

Thankfully, Resume planet offers all this, which means that they have you covered with everything. Your best option is to take a combined package with multiple products you may need since these come at a much better price. Generally speaking, the service list at ResumesPlanet sells individual products and all the combinations of their services. The things you can get there are a resume, cover letter, resume editing, IT or tech resume, cover letter, thank-you letter, follow-up letter, LinkedIn profile, CV editing and writing, etc.

These are the main services, while their extras include e-cover letter writing, resume distribution to employment agencies, KSAs, and more. Services like their list of top 10 job sites and list of international recruiting agencies come free of charge.

Resume Planet Prices Overview

One of our favourite things about this review is the pricing. This isn’t just the top-rated company in the country and on this website, but it is also the most realistically priced compared to the rest of the choices. Here are some of the prices for their individual services:

  • Resume writing from $109
  • IT/ Tech resume from $129
  • Resume editing from $79
  • LinkedIn profile from $79
  • CV writing from $129

Resumesplanet packages come at an amazing, discounted price each. Buying a package will help you save a lot of money compared to buying separate products here.

As for those extra features that you can choose that we mentioned above, the prices range between $15 and $159 depending on what you want to add to your cart.

The original deadline option, the one with the lowest prices, is for 5 days. One of the great things about this company is that they offer different deadline options, which is rare with resume companies, not to mention their 24 hour-deadline, which is a gem on this market. Of course, if you want the best prices, you will have to wait for 5 days.


The discounts at are applied only to packages and are same for everyone. It is rare to find any discounts in this market, which makes this a very good offer. In fact, packages have up to 20% discount to them. Now that you know their individual rates, here are the discounted packages’ prices:

  • Resume and cover letter writing (15% off) from $135
  • Resume, LinkedIn profile, and cover letter (15% off) from $189
  • CV, cover letter, thank-you & follow-up letters (20% off) from $179

Such rates are frequently the quote for an individual service in other high-rated companies. This pretty much makes this resume service the most affordable you could find for the delivered quality and service.

ResumesPlanet Quality overview

This is the most important part because none of the rest would matter without it. Our rating of this company clearly states what we think about the quality – it is exquisite! Most of the points this company got was based on the package one of their writers delivered to us. We ordered a resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile editing.

The pricing was amazing and the quality came as a shock. We didn’t expect that much when we got that 15% off, so at this point, we were already convinced that this is our top service here. The resume and cover letter were as original as it gets, and the LinkedIn profile was organized in a way that it highlighted the essential qualifications.

Resumes Planet Support management

We didn’t really need to speak to the support management, but we reached out just for the sake of this review. We were really pleased to learn that this service works 24/7, making it possible for everyone to get answers without having to wait for work hours.

Since their deadline options include the 24-hour option, having this is a prerequisite and honestly, really helpful. You can either use the live chat or the phone number. Or, if you don’t mind waiting a bit for a reply, you can use their e-mail form. We used the live chat and are really satisfied with how our questions were handled.


It’s extremely rare to find a company without a single flaw. Well, it seems like this choice of a company has managed to cover all their bases and offer everything we were looking for: good pricing, excellent quality, nonstop support, and a truly big service range. If you were looking for the same thing for your job application, then this resume service comes highly recommended.

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