Resumespice Review

Resumespice looks impressive. They have these fantastic messages on their website that would encourage anyone to place an order there. Furthermore, they have a number of outstanding resumespice reviews posted on their webpage that affirm all. Surprisingly, these do not correlate to the resume spice reviews we find outside of the Resumespice website.

Unfortunately, this was the point where we realized that the company uses faked information as part of their marketing. Their reputation is not at all as it seems and our experience with the company only proved it. Keep reading.

Resume Spice Services Review

In this aspect of our review, Resume Spice stood out. Their service list is gigantic, but not well presented on the website. We had some troubles with this because the pricing page only shows resume services. But, if you look at their services page, you’ll find that they have many other services. In fact, we couldn’t think of anything else that is job application-related that wasn’t in this list.

Unfortunately, what they lack are any packages. You can order all the items but individually, which gives you no access to a reduced price or any special offer. This makes this service really pricey for those who need more than just one item, and most job seekers usually do.

Resumespice Prices Review

Resumespice’s prices are dictated by a variety of variables. Of course, the first consideration is the type of service, followed by the candidate’s level of experience. Then, there’s no option to choose the delivery deadline. In fact, they decided to omit such information from the website, which means that you cannot be certain when you’ll receive your order. In our case, we waited five days to get a resume and a cover letter.

Here is the price range for their services:

  • Cover letters at $129
  • Resumes at price range between $249 and $479
  • LinkedIn profile makeover at $129
  • Thank-you letter at $119
  • Interview preparation on the phone (30 minutes) at $119
  • Professional bio at $129
  • Career coaching sessions from $179 to $695
  • Job application service from $958 to $1358
  • Workplace Motivators: Report + Personal Consultation at $149

If you can see, there is a lengthy list of services, but the majority of them are extremely expensive. Paying $249 for an entry-level resume is possibly exaggerated, which is why this company isn’t used as often in the first place. Discounts

There are absolutely no discounts mentioned or offered on the website. This was devastating after we saw the original pricing. Some of their services are finely priced, but the majority of them, especially the resumes and job application services are more than most job seekers can afford.

Quality overview

When you pay such an extravagant fee, you expect only great things. So, we ordered a resume and a cover letter here, for which we paid their regular prices, no discount added. You can select a resume as the main service, accompanied by any of their remaining services. The price will be added automatically. In fact, we realized that without a resume, you can’t get anything else there. Resumes are mandatory, so you’ll definitely spend at least a couple hundred on the website when you order there.

We waited for five days for the delivery and when it came, we were negatively surprised. The resume and cover letter weren’t bad, but they lacked some formatting and weren’t half as impressive as they should have been for that price. If the company had realistic pricing, this may have been sufficient.

Support management

When you find such a high-priced company, it’s natural to expect an excellent support service. But, we didn’t receive this We tried their phone on several occasions, and they didn’t answer until the moment when we received our paper. When we called after this, they answered.

Since they won’t tell you how long it will take them to do your products, you might want to reach out and ask them prior to making the payment. Since the support isn’t all that responsive or professional, you might not get this answer for days, which can be really bad for a job seeker.

Short ResumeSpice Review

With their professional and sleek website and the endless list of job application services, can give you a great first impression. But, we would ask you to reconsider buying there seeing how the company charges a fortune for a single product, gives no discount, and offers average quality. The pricing is higher than most we have found, which is probably why they aren’t so popular in the first place. But, the biggest problem about Resumespice is the lack of quality support since you wouldn’t be able to ask them anything for days.