Zipjob Review

ZipJob First impression

zipjob page

After checking a couple dozen Zipjob reviews, we had this bad feeling that this service will leave us unhappy. The site is vague and really tough to navigate, especially since they decided to omit one of the most important things – a price page. We noticed that you can see this in the service page only. There you’ll find listed a total of three services/ packages. For more information and details, read this Zipjob resume review till its end.

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First impression

find my profession page

First impressions don’t really account for a lot in this industry, but they still matter. So, when we first looked at this website, we had a good feeling about our Findmyprofession review. The website looks great and has excellent testimonials and samples. 

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Monster First impression page is confusing at first. Is it a resume service or is it a job board? Well apparently, it is both. This website is a place where you can search for available jobs and apply to them, and also a place where you can ask for a resume or cover letter. 

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TopResume Review

topresume page

First impression

Topresume is professional, to say the least. This company decided to take matters a bit further and offer a free resume review to job seekers. This means that if you have a ready resume, you can get free insight into what it needs improved, how good it is, etc. 

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Careers Booster Review

careersbooster page

CareersBooster First impression

Careersbooster looks and sounds impressive. We don’t say this because of the name, but because of the reputation. One of the key steps in determining whether or not to use a company for a resume is to check their reputation. So, we read every CareersBooster review we could get our hands on, and realized that this is a popular service. It has been such for a long time, which is a brilliant start of our research for this Careers Booster review.

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Resumes Planet Review

resumesplanet page

Resumes Planet First impression

Resumes Planet leaves quite an impression from the very beginning. We opened the website and read each Resumes Planet review written there and were very impressed with the quality of the samples there. The website is simple in design, really easy to navigate, and it has all the information we needed to create this Resumesplanet review. 

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Zety First impression

Before we unravel the details of this Zety review, we should inform you that this is not a resume writing company. It is different from other websites that we have reviewed because this is a resume builder, not a place where you can hire someone to write your resumes, cover letter, or other pieces that take part of a regular job application. 

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Craft Resumes Review

Craft Resumes First impression


With blog posts that date over a year ago now and numerous bad Craft Resumes reviews, we definitely started this review on the negative note. The website has been online for several years now, but they haven’t created a great reputation just yet. In fact, we hadn’t read a single CraftResumes review that was 100% positive, except for the ones that they’ve proudly posted on the website. Naturally, we believe now that those are faked.

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ResumeSpice Review


ResumeSpice First impression

Resumespice looks impressive. They have these great statements on the website that would invite anyone to order there. To be more, they have plenty of excellent resumespice reviews published on the homepage that confirm it all. Strangely enough, these don’t at all correspond to the resume spice reviews we found outside the website. 

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Top Stack Resume Review

Top Stack Resume

TopStackResume First impression

For a company that’s said to have 4.9 average rating out of 5, Top Stack Resume is not at all popular. We hadn’t heard of this service until an add popped up. Since the website shows such impressive numbers, we thought that it would be a nice idea to check what this service offers. At the start of our journey for this Top Stack Resume review, we had big hopes for this company. There wasn’t a lot about it online, which would mean that it’s not widely recognized, but that is not a sign that it’s a bad service.

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