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TopStackResume First impression

For a company that’s said to have 4.9 average rating out of 5, Top Stack Resume is not at all popular. We hadn’t heard of this service until an add popped up. Since the website shows such impressive numbers, we thought that it would be a nice idea to check what this service offers. At the start of our journey for this Top Stack Resume review, we had big hopes for this company. There wasn’t a lot about it online, which would mean that it’s not widely recognized, but that is not a sign that it’s a bad service.

But, while we started off with the idea that this might be a new service that just starts growing, some of the reviews we found online started to change our mind. By the end of our research for this review, our minds were completely changed.

Services overview

Thankfully, the website is pretty well organized, so we had no troubles finding the details about what they offer. On the bad side, you can only get packages here and not individual services despite the fact that they have several products offered.

The services offered here include a professional resume, cover letter, career consulting, and LinkedIn profile. Depending on the package you select, you can get one or more of the following features:

  • ATS ready resumes
  • US based writer
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Phone or email contact with the writer
  • Most experienced writers
  • 30-day interview guarantee

The absolute devastating information we found was in small letters in the pricing page. Apparently the delivery time for this company can go up to 2 weeks, which is the longest we’ve heard of customers receiving resume services. The longest deadline we’ve found at this point is one week, and even that is considered too much for a person who needs help with landing a job.

Prices overview

The funny thing about this service is that they’ve chosen to share the original prices of each product just to demonstrate that their packages are discounted. They’ve given the price of their products, but you cannot order them separately, which means that they only did this for marketing purposes.

Regardless, the pricing is average and realistic, which is good news about the company. Here is what their packages cost:

  • Basic service (resume only) at $115
  • Standard package (resume and cover letter) at $165
  • Professional package (resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn makeover) at $235
  • Premium package (resume, cover letter, LinkedIn makeover, and career consulting) at $545

These are the only options you have when you order here. There’s a mention about a faster deadline, but you’d have to reach out to the support to ask for availability and price. We never got to the support service, so we couldn’t ask for an expedited delivery. We waited 10 days for the professional package.

As for the features, all packages include the majority of them. The only three features that aren’t shared by all are included in the professional and premium package: phone contact, most experienced writer, and the 30-day delivery. Apparently, if you pick the first or second package, there’s no guarantee at all.


As we mentioned, discounts are a big thing on the pricing website here. Even so, these seem to be really fake considering that they don’t offer their products individually. If we were to believe this, it would mean that you’d be saving up to $115 on a package. Quality overview might be well-priced, but it definitely doesn’t work with the great writers they brag about. We picked the option that was supposed to be handled by their most professional writers and yet, the quality was below average.

Let’s get into details. First of all, the resume was filled with mistakes, something that suggested that even that US writers feature might not be a real thing. Secondly, the cover letter was partly plagiarized from a sample we found online, so they are probably using ready products and tweak them for your convenience. And lately, they did a total of three changes in the LinkedIn profile, and even missed the errors we intentionally placed them to see if they’d find them.

Support management

As we mentioned, we never got to the support. This wasn’t because we didn’t try, it was because they never responded. Apparently, even when you have that 30-day guarantee they mention, you’re not covered at all. We reached out to ask for a faster delivery and received an email that said this wasn’t possible. When we tried to call after 30 days to complain about the quality, no one answered and no one responded via the email.


This service might have a good website and a good pricing, but they have too many limitations to rank highly in our reviews. It’s an averagely priced company with average quality and really bad support, which is why we cannot possibly recommend it to job seekers. Not to mention, it could take up to 2 weeks before you get your resume here.


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