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Topresume is professional, to say the least. This company decided to take matters a bit further and offer a free resume review to job seekers. This means that if you have a ready resume, you can get free insight into what it needs improved, how good it is, etc.

Naturally, since it is a resume company, they’ll offer their resume services to improve your work. This is a marketing strategy, that’s for sure, but it is rather appealing and refreshing. Not only would you get a professionally written resume, but you’ll get a chance to learn what you did wrong, too.

So, this was the start of our Topresume review, and just a slight peak at what they offer to customers. For more information, keep scouring this top resume review.

TopResum Services overview

There are three packages offered at top resume, one of which isn’t really a package per se, since it contains just a resume product. In addition to having three packages, the company also has three services in total. This is where they lost some points. You can order a resume, a cover letter, and a LinkedIn makeover here – and that is it. They don’t add thank-you or follow-up letters in their packages, nor do they offer CVs or other services.

Basically, the resume service here is editing service since you have to submit your old resume containing your qualifications and skills for them to fix.

The three packages are the professional growth package, career evolution package, and the executive priority package. According to the company, their second option is the most popular one.

All three options share a few features: professionally written resume, formatting for success, and keyword optimization. For the remaining features of each, you’ll read in our prices section below.

Prices overview

There aren’t many options here, which is a big disadvantage, but the pricing is really attractive. This is one of the reasons that make this company a popular one – they have a really good price list considering their status on the resume market.

Here are your options when it comes to prices at this service:

  • Professional growth package containing the common features – $149
  • Career evolution package  (the common features, plus a cover letter and 60-day interview guarantee) – $219
  • Executive priority package (the common features, plus a cover letter, 60-day interview guarantee, LinkedIn makeover, and a writer from their top 10%) – $345

As you can see, not every package includes the company’s popular guarantee. If you choose the cheapest option and are not satisfied or don’t receive interview invitations, you’re not covered by their free revision guarantee. But, seeing how the second price is also relatively affordable, you could say that this is a well-priced resume company.


The prices might have been good, but the lack of any discounts was slightly disappointing. Compared to other writing services, resume companies don’t often have discounts. In fact, only few of them do and they usually apply to packages. is one of the companies that don’t offer such benefits, probably because they only sell packages in the first place.

TopResume Quality overview

When we received their popular package, we almost forgot about the lack of discounts or that they didn’t have some of the products we needed. This company really sells great resumes – the quality is unmistakable. They have great writers and the cover letter and resume we now have are both excellent.

Their work had proper formatting, was completely original, and came in 5 days. Unfortunately, this is the fastest you can get a resume there, but if you ask the support management, they might be able to make you a deal if their writers are available sooner. You’d have to pay more, of course, but it is good to know that there’s a chance to get it sooner.

Support management

Support at this company is professional and as high-rated as their writers. They are available only during work hours and work days, which means that you can’t reach them on weekends. Their work hours are 9am to 6pm Monday through Friday. In those days, you can look them up on live chat or call the phone number on the website.

It would certainly be better if the support was available at all times, but since they don’t have tight deadlines as part of their offers, this isn’t really necessary here. Thankfully, the support was extremely pleasant and professional, so they get a plus for that.


We have rated this service highly for several reasons. Firstly, their prices are realistic and decent and secondly, their offered quality is better than most. To be more, the support management works great, even though they are only available on work days and during specified work hours.

There were some things that lowered their rating, though. The company has limited services and a tiny service list, not to mention the lack of any discounts. These aren’t grave issues at all, which is why it remains one of our top choices at this moment.

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