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Before we unravel the details of this Zety review, we should inform you that this is not a resume writing company. Zety is different from other websites that we have reviewed because this is a resume builder, not a place where you can hire someone to write your resumes, cover letter, or other pieces that take part of a regular job application. 

When you pay this service, you pay them to use their ready templates and make your own resume. It means that they have no employees that work on job applications, and that you still have to be the one to create your resume.

Even though this is not ideal, we went through their process for the sake of our Zety resume review. After reading a few dozen Zety.com reviews that weren’t published on the website (note that their published reviews are all excellent), we realized that this service is not well-appreciated or rated among its users.

Zety.com Services overview

Expect no actual services here, at least not something performed by an actual employee. Zety has a very limited list of templates for resumes, CVs and cover letters that you can pay to use to make your own application. Users of this tool can access all the templates on the website, fill out the information manually, and download them once they pay the fee. 

Since you can find many templates online, some even for free, we don’t really see the purpose of using this website. We expected hundreds of options available from a website that asks for payment for templates, but the options here are very limited.

Zety Prices overview

Lots of people are searching google to get an answer on such questions:
“Does ZETY cost money?”, “How much does ZETY cost?”, “Is ZETY free to use?”, “Is ZETY com free?”, “how much is zety” and so on. So here is the answer. So lets discover everything about Zety pricing.

Zety provides three pricing plans for its users. You can choose between:

  • Start plan (four resume templates and unlimited resume downloads) at $5.99 per month
  • Premium plan (18 resume templates, resume hosting, and cover letter builder) at $17.99 per month
  • Three-month premium plan (all the features of the Premium plan for 3 months) at $34.99

As you can imagine, we were really disappointed when we learned that they only have 18 templates to offer. Not to mention, you cannot even access them all if you pick the start plan, and you can’t use their cover letter builder either. If you want to use both, which is still a very poor offer, you have to pay $17.99.

In fact, we took the liberty to compare this pricing to other resume builders, and we can now say that this company is among the highest priced ones (with the smallest number of available templates, too).

Zety.com Discounts

There aren’t any discounts here since basically, there’s no actual service you can purchase. You can say that their three-month premium plan is somewhat discounted since you’d be buying in bulk, but that is the only thing that resembles a special offer on the website. Once again, this was a disappointment.

Quality overview

We had no writer or resume to evaluate here, so all that was left was to pay for one of their plans and check the quality of the resumes builder. We picked the Premium plan to be able to access all of their offers. This was a good decision, since we don’t see ourselves using the tools again, so buying their three-month plan would be a waste. 

Their 18 resume templates are generic, to say the least. You are basically picking a format and adding your details, and the outcome is a truly transparent resume. As you know by now, generic resumes don’t yield good results with employers, not even if you have excellent qualifications. 

As for their cover letter builder, it was too plain. This is an AI tool that provides you with limited guidance and basically, it only does simple spell check and hands out ready formatting and writing tips. None of these things were worth the price we paid.

Zety Support management

You cannot contact this website or at least, we didn’t accomplish this. The only contact is an email and a form in the contact page, which makes us doubt the legitimacy of the company in the first place. 

We have used both and received no response.It is probably safe to say that the person who did this site generates regular income by tricking job seekers, without taking any responsibility or even checking their messages. 


Zety is not a resume company, but a resume builder. To be more, it is a very simple, very limited builder. Their template options include 18 templates in total, which is seriously little for the prices they charge. Not to mention, the templates are too generic and the cover letter builder is not useful at all. All in all, we don’t see why you’d spend almost $20 here to use 18 free templates when you can find many of similar quality for free on the Web.

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