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After checking a couple dozen Zipjob reviews, we had this bad feeling that this service will leave us unhappy. The site is vague and really tough to navigate, especially since they decided to omit one of the most important things – a price page. We noticed that you can see this in the service page only. There you’ll find listed a total of three services/ packages. For more information and details, read this Zipjob review till its end.

Zipjob Services Overview

There are three services and three products here. This may sound strange, but that is what the service list of Zipjob encompasses. When you open their service page, you’ll see three choices – one for a single product and two so-called packages. In all these, there are only three products offered in total: resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn makeover. 

Let us clarify a bit. Customers on this website can choose between Launch, Fast Track, and Premium. The first one lists several features, but one product only – a resume. The Fast Track lists all these features plus a cover letter. And, the last one includes all features of the second package, plus a LinkedIn profile. 

All these offers have four things in common: a resume, keyword optimization, 1-on-1 communication with the writer on the dashboard, and unlimited revisions. Only the second and third options come with a 60-day guarantee for revisions.

The third option has the most numerous features that include the expertise of their top 10 writers, future resume updates when you change a career, optional phone consultation, and expedited delivery. This means that you’ll get the package with three included products in 3 days instead of 6. You can’t ask for an expedited delivery if you don’t purchase this package. 

Zipjob Prices overview

Here are the prices for the three services at Zip Job: 

  • Launch for $139
  • Fast track for $189
  • Premium for $299

These prices have been on the website since the beginning and are in the average range when compared to other companies. It’s what got this service a decent rating or at least, that was before we got the chance to look at their products’ quality. 

Even in the order form, we didn’t find any extras or additional features you can pay for. You cannot order a cover letter or LinkedIn profile individually, but only in a package. 


Discounts are non-existent on the website and they seem to have never appeared before judged by testimonials from customers. To be fair, the resume writing industry frequently lacks discounts of any kind, but some high-rated companies provide nice reduced prices for those who purchase several products or a package. But, considering that this company doesn’t even have the option for individual services except for the resume option, we can hardly see discounts in their future.  

Quality overview

We would have been able to get past the serious lack of services and discounts because of the realistic prices, but only if the quality was as great as promises it will be. But no, this did not happen here. We ordered their second package, paid the price, and waited 7 days for delivery, not 6. The package says 3 to 6 days, so this was frustrating. 

But, that is not even the worst part. The worst part was the quality of the two items in our package – the resume and cover letter. Both were of really bad quality. The resume looked a lot like a template, and a poorly formatted one for that matter. The cover letter was full of mistakes and even slightly plagiarized. 

Support management

When we received the package a day later and realized how bad it all was, we chose to react to the customer support. After all, this is one of the packages with a 60-day guarantee and unlimited revisions. 

But, those guarantees are definitely fake. We weren’t given a shot at a free revision at all, so that offer is definitely not a real one. In fact, when we asked for the revisions they so proudly offer, they said that we are only eligible to a revision after 60 days if no one sends an interview request. 

After receiving such a bad package that was delayed for an entire day, who would wait 60 days and apply with the bad quality resume? This is quality time that no job seeker would like to waste, which is probably why this company isn’t very popular with customers. 

Summary on Zipjob Review

Despite the fine pricing, there are many things that are bad about this resume company. They don’t have discounts, which is not grave because of the pricing. But, the quality is really bad and we even experienced a delay. An issue like this should result in an immediate refund, but instead, the support chose to decline all our requests, including the one for free revisions. All in all, we can’t possibly put a good word in for Review



Zipjob is not the worst service we’ve ever seen, but the quality could be higher and the prices lower.





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